All spirit begins with its base ingredients. Ours is born in the grain farms of the High Desert, where hardy grains thrive under the watchful eye of dedicated farmers. Upon receiving these grains, they are run through our mill before being brought to the mash tun, where cascade mountain water will begin to unlock the milled grain and allow it to be transformed into something truly special with the addition of yeast in our fermentation tanks.

The resulting ferment is then put through the stripping still, separating its alcohol from the rest of the mash, producing what is referred to as the low wines. The spent grain is then returned to the farmer for their cattle, creating a circle of sustainability that is vital to Oregon’s ecosystem.

The low wines then make their way to the core of our operation where they are distilled under careful hands and separated by cut until only the finest, referred to as the hearts, remains.

While some of these spirits will receive an infusion of botanicals, our whiskeys continue their process, aging in Kelvin Cooperage crafted barrels each for a minimum of four years, with some spending even longer in this golden maturation.

Throughout this process, our High Desert climate continues to seep its way into the spirit, creating temperature fluctuations and an arid environment that increases the barrels influence on the final product, which we encourage by refraining from topping off our barrels. Each spirit, in its proper time, makes its way to the bottling line where we package and prepare it for distribution.

With expert distillers and dedicated support staff, we couldn’t be prouder of our production methods, our team, and our exemplary final product.