Luster Limoncello

West Coast Crafted

The American evolution of a classic liqueur. Organic lemon peels from California create the perfect balance of citrus and sweetness. A regional flavor exploration begins when strawberries and lavender are infused into the classic recipe. Three bright and bold flavors to celebrate the bounty of the West Coast. Enjoy chilled by itself, as a traditional after-dinner drink, or in a cocktail.

Produced and bottled by hand in sunny Bend, Oregon.


Bright, rich, and bursting with tang, Luster is granted its lush sweetness from fresh California lemons. The velvet subtlety of our base spirit combines perfectly with this exceptional fruit to deliver a decadent experience that is undeniably delicious.


A vibrant offering of rich strawberries and bright lemons, Luster infuses all the glory of fresh ripe berries into a liqueur that blossoms beautifully from its decadent aroma to the velvety-sweet bouquet of flavor that follows.


Tart lemons blend with fragrant lavender to create an aromatic and delicious liqueur. Evocative of perfect summer afternoons and sun-dappled meadows, Luster radiates with an afterglow of delightful flavor for even the most discerning tastes.