Why the Long Face

Why the Long Face

1½ oz Distiller’s Choice Slivovitz
1 can Cock & Bull Ginger Beer
orange bitters
cranberry juice

A fantastic iced cocktail for a warm afternoon, the Longface is made with our exclusive Distiller’s Choice Slivovitz, a traditional un-aged plum brandy. Build in a highball glass by first pouring Slivovitz over ice, then adding ginger beer almost to the top, add a couple drops of orange bitters and a splash of cranberry juice. Garnish with lemon peel.


Perfect Storm














1 oz One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum
½ oz Vanilla Simple Syrup
5 oz Cock & Bull Ginger Beer
½ oz D.C. Darkside Rum
Lime Wedge or Twist for Garnish


Begin with either Highball or Collins glass filled with ice. Add Vanilla Simple Syrup, then One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum, next top with ginger beer. Now to “float liquor” with a large flat spoon or bar spoon, turn spoon upside down over cocktail, put pour spout directly on top of upturned spoon and pour approximately one-half ounce of D.C. Darkside Rum on top of the cocktail. No need to stir. Garnish with lime wedge or twist.



Oregon Muleberry













1½ oz Oregon Spirit Vodka
½ oz Marionberry Simple Syrup
2 oz Cock ‘N Bull Ginger Beer
¼ oz Lime Juice

Oregon Muleberry – A slightly spiced ginger cocktail, with the addition of Oregon Marionberries for a lick of sweetness, complimenting our Oregon Spirit Vodka. The Moscow Mule was the first vodka cocktail to take the U.S. by storm around 1941. It was created by John Martin and Jack Morgan, business partners in an and olde-English style pub named The Cock ‘n Bull, located on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Cock ‘N Bull, the original Moscow Mule mixer, is still preferred today.

Begin by filling cocktail glass or copper mug with crushed ice, add Marionberry Simple and Lime Juice, next Oregon Spirit Vodka and top with Ginger Beer. Garnish with a lime wedge.