Private Label Distillery

Private Label

At Oregon Spirit Distillers we not only produce top-notch brands for ourselves, but we also create some of the finest brands in the market today, through our Private Label Program.

Whether you already have a detailed plan for launching your spirit brand and just need a distillery to make it happen or are just starting with your dream – we can help you develop and produce your very own Private Label every step of the way!

Our head distiller, Brad Irwin works with all private label clients to insure their final product is exactly as they want it to be. We can work with a client provided recipe or create one just for you.

Our production team works efficiently to keep costs down and profits in your pocket! We do everything onsite from distilling, infusing, aging and bottling. Your brand is in good hands from start to finish.

Our administration office is knowledgeable and experienced. We will help you understand liquor laws, taxes, working with the TTB and different state control offices, applying through COLA for formula and label approvals and more. Our team will answer all your questions in regards to what you need to know to bring your brand to market.

We work with many different companies and individuals within the industry and can provide referrals for your packaging, design, branding and marketing needs.

We want to see you be successful in this wonderful industry that we love and love working in. We have the ability to work with you from your first order and to stay with you as you grow your brand. Helping you to anticipate your production needs in years to come and to be ready and able to meet those needs.

Please give us a call and take advantage of our initial complimentary consultation to help you decide if Oregon Spirit Distillers is the partner you’ve been looking for.


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