CW Irwin Gold MedalGOLD MEDAL
The 50 Best Awards
2013 Bourbon Competition

Proud and lively,
yet surprisingly smooth, just like its namesake. C.W. Irwin combines the spirit of the old frontier with the spirit of the new west; bold and refined harkening back to an independent, wild time. Kick off your boots, put up your feet, fill your glass with C.W. and enjoy the true flavor of the west. Bring out the unbridled spirit in you.

CW Irwin Straight Bourbon Facts

  • Crafted in Bend, Oregon, at Oregon Spirit Distillers, aged for three years in a medium char, New American Oak barrel. Purchased from the Barrel Mill, which practices sustainability in harvesting their trees for barrels, planting 3 trees for every one they cut down.
  • CW Irwin Straight Bourbon has a grain bill of blended corn, wheat, rye and malted barley
  • Distilled at 150 proof and bottled at 80 proof
  • Named for the brother of Oregon Spirit Distillers’ owner – CW Irwin Straight Bourbon is proud and lively, yet undeniably smooth much like its namesake.

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