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Caribbean Sour

  1½ oz One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum ½ oz Egg White ¾ oz Lemon Juice ¾ oz Simple Syrup Bar Spoon of Amaretto Lemon Twist for Garnish Begin by adding the all ingredients except amaretto to a clean shaker tin with no ice and shake. This is referred to as ‘dry shaking’, which will emulsify the […]

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Spring Rose

    1 oz Merrylegs Genever ½ oz Cointreau ¾ oz Raspberry Rose Simple Syrup (Available at OSD Tasting Room) Club Soda Water Mint Sprig for Garnish Begin by adding Merrylegs Genever, Cointreau and Raspberry Rose Simple Syrup to clean shaker tin. Add ice and gently shake ingredients. Strain into old fashioned glass over fresh […]


Incognito Mojito

    1½ oz C.W. Irwin Bourbon ¾ oz Simple Syrup ¾ oz Lime Juice Club Soda 2-3 Fresh Mint Sprigs Lime Wedge for garnish Remove only the mint leaves from two of the mint sprigs. Begin by adding only mint to the bottom of a shaker tin. Gently muddle mint without breaking it up […]


Whiskey Apple Crisp

      1½ oz Ottis Webber Oregon Wheat Whiskey ¾ oz Apple Cider Vinegar 1 oz Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Simple Syrup 2 oz Club Soda Ground Cinnamon for Garnish. Begin by adding only the simple syrup and apple cider vinegar to bottom of a lowball glass. Stir well, adding Ottis Webber while continuing […]

Loretta Lynn

  Loretta Lynn 1½ oz C.W. Irwin Bourbon ½ oz Ginger Liquor ¾ oz Lemon Juice ¾ oz Honey 3 oz Hot Water Candied Ginger Garnish Begin by filling mug with boiling water to warm. After one minute discard water and begin building cocktail in glassware. Add all ingredients into mug and stir until honey […]


Absinthe Sour

    1½ oz Wild Card Absinthe 3⁄4 oz Simple Syrup Juice from 1⁄2 a lemon 3⁄4 oz Egg White A salute to National Absinthe Day, here is a recipe for the traditional Absinthe Sour using Wild Card Absinthe. A Double Gold Medal Award and Best of Category went to Wild Card in 2014 at […]


Black-Eyed Jon

        1 oz One-Eyed Jon ½ oz Lime Juice ½ oz Orange Juice ½ oz D.C. Blackberry Cordial 2 oz Atlas Blackberry Cider 2-3 Blackberries for Garnish Begin with a clean shaker tin, add One-Eyed Jon, lime, orange juice, cordial and shake until tin is cold to touch. Strain into lowball glass […]


Merry Brambling

1½ oz Merrylegs Genever ½ oz OSD Distiller’s Choice Blackberry Cordial ¼ oz Fresh Lemon ½ oz Simple Syrup Lemon Wedge Build the Merry Brambling in lowball or rocks glass. Add all ingredients except blackberry cordial and stir well with bar spoon. Fill glass with ice and ‘bleed’ the cordial by pouring slowly on top of […]

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Valentine’s Duo

                          Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! If you haven’t decided what cocktails you’ll be serving or enjoying, I’ll suggest a great duo. Both cocktails are approachable, and a hint of Distiller’s Choice Blackberry Cordial brightens up both of these classic cocktails. A mildly […]