About Oregon Spirit Distillers

Our Mission Statement

To distill with a commitment to local agriculture and Oregon’s bold independent personality.
To bring quality, premium spirit brands which are unique, interesting and outstanding in their class to the world market.

Our Beginnings

Oregon Spirit Distillers was founded on a dream to do what we love resulting in an end product that shows the integrity and playfulness of our work. We sought to create spirits that bring an experience to the consumer, which we can be proud of and excited to share with them. From the beginning we wanted our spirits to participate in the cocktail and we think that they do that well.

Wanting to involve the consumer we sought after those who had an interest in spirits and asked for their help to develop our products. We have found that working with others who are excited about this industry as much as we are was extremely helpful and rewarding to us. We hoped to develop a sense of community at Oregon Spirit that would reach out and include those wishing to be (what we affectionately refer to as) Spirit Geeks!

Our Vision

Our vision is to move forward from our beginnings taking all that we have learned and grow our business and our family of products outside of Oregon. We remain committed to Oregon agriculture and all that it does for a wonderful spirit. We want to share what innovative and amazing things are coming out of Oregon with the rest of the world. We hope that Oregon will be proud to be home to Oregon Spirit Distillers for a long, long time. Our goal is to be a contributor to Oregon’s economy through our growth in sales and employment opportunities for those who call Oregon home.

We are committed as well to expand our community of Spirit Geeks! We enjoy them so much and will continue to bring programs that involve our customers at a higher level than just purchasing our spirits. So, if you live close by you can count on us to be your source of spirit science and fun!

Our Brand Promise

Oregon Spirit Distillers stands for integrity in all we do from hands-on production methods, to on-site distillation, to custom packaging that expresses our playfulness, to standing behind our products 100%. We strive to bring you the best quality spirits with our promise that they will sell. We believe that you can introduce your customers to Oregon Spirit brands with confidence knowing that these will be some of the best spirits they will ever taste, bringing them back again and again in support of all that we do here at Oregon Spirit Distillers.

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