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Why the Long Face

    1½ oz Distiller’s Choice Slivovitz 1 can Cock & Bull Ginger Beer orange bitters cranberry juice     A fantastic iced cocktail for a warm afternoon, the Longface is made with our exclusive Distiller’s Choice Slivovitz, a traditional un-aged

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King’s Sweet Tea

    1½ oz Oregon Spirit Vodka 3-5 oz prepared iced tea ½ oz orgeat simple syrup ¼ oz lime juice lemon wedge and mint stalk for garnish     Build this refreshing springtime cocktail in a collins glass filled

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Lit Cocoa

    1½ oz Distiller’s Choice Peppermint Schnapps 3-5 oz prepared hot cocoa whipped cream     A Lit Cocoa is a delicious treat throughout the colder months of the year and is very easy to make. Pour 1½ oz

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